Rule Book

OTM Rules (revised 3/5/2016)

Sim Schedule – Unless otherwise noted, 7 Day sims will occur on  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Exports are due by 4:00am EST on those days and the Sims are run as close to 5:000am EST as possible. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure an export is in by 4:00am, in case a sim needs to be run early. You can check if a sim has been completed by visiting the OTM message board where a forum post will be made when a sim is run.

  • The export tracker can be used to verify that you are current on your export.
  • The online league status page will show you if there were any problems with your export in the last sim.

Activity – First and foremost activity in the league is a must! While there are no official rules activity will be watched.

  • Exports – While there are no official rules on how often one is to export, it should be done on an as needed basis, if we notice an extreme amount of time without a team exporting we reserve the right to pay closer attention and if needed take further action.
  • Message Board – Being active on the forums is also a big part of the OTM. Both checking the board frequently and participating in discussions is greatly encouraged. While there is no set frequency on how often should check one, we can check who has checked the message board in the past 24 hours. This will also be used to measure how often one checks the board. By not checking the board, you can be missing important news and announcements that can affect the OTM.
  • Message Board Posting – After each sim, the simmer will post a message announcing the completion of the sim. These posts are great for discussing what happened during the current sim. A little note about your teams performance, or a player on your team is a great way for you to stay active and keep the rest of the league aware of happenings on your team they may not see on their own. It is also a good way to alert other teams of player performances of someone who you may be putting on the trade block. While there is no set amount one should post, owner participation on the board is will also be used to measure how active one is in the league.

League Settings – Below is a rundown of many of the league settings in OOTP.

  • Major League Games: 162
  • Number of Playoff Rounds: 3
    • Round 1:  Division Series (Best of 7)
    • Round 2: Championship Series (Best of 7)
    • Round 3: World Series (Best of 7)
  • Coaches & Scouts: Disabled
  • Ammy Draft: June 15th (20 Rounds)
  • Trade Deadline: July 31
  • DFA & Waivers: Enabled
  • DFA set to 16 days
  • Waivers set to 8 days
  • Option Years: Enabled
  • Talent Random Change: 75%
  • Overall Ratings based by positions
  • Player Actual Ratings Scale: 1-10
  • Player Potential Ratings Scale: 2-8
  • Other Ratings Player Scale: 1-10
  • Show Ratings > Max: No, Cut Off
  • DH used for both leagues
  • Salary Cap: $0
  • Cash Cap: $25,000,000
  • Ghost Players: Enabled
  • FA Compensation: Enabled
  • Draft Pick Trading: Not Allowed
  • Injury Frequency: Low
  • Delayed Injury Diagnosis: Disabled
  • Position Player Fatigue: Average
  • Generate International Amateur Free Agents: 22 per year revealed on July 1 each season
  • Generate International Established Free Agents: 7 per year
  • International Scouting Discoveries (per team): None
  • Generate Free Agents from Independent Leagues: 4 per year

Trades – Trades are to be posted on under the Trades Forum in the Transactions section. Trades are processed prior to the sim being run.  Please DFA players involved in your trades with your export if possible and provide lineup/rotation instructions if you want the newly acquired player added to your active roster. Minor leaguers will be automatically assigned to your farm system by OOTP and you can adjust their level after the sim.

  • Owners must list each team with what they are sending right beneath it including players and cash. You also must list what level the player is at. Any trades that are missing information may not be processed, as we do not have time to search through six levels of an organization for players.
  • Waiver Trades are allowed. In order to process a waiver trade both owners, as usual must post the trade on the board. The very next sim, the trade will be processed. At that time both players will be placed on waivers. Once all players involved in the trade clear waivers, the trade will be completed upon the following sim.
  • A player drafted in the year of the current draft is eligible to be traded after July 1. For example, a player drafted in 2032, may not be traded until July 2032.
  • Please use the following scale to list the level:
    • Major League: ML
    • Triple A: AAA
    • Double A: AA
    • Single A: A
    • Short A: SA
    • Rookie League: RL

Off Season FA/Contracts – Off season FA will be done in game. The schedule for the off season will be posted in the League News and Announcement section.

  • Trading Players Signed in the Offseason: you may not trade a player signed during the offseason free agent period until on or after June 1 of the season following the contract signing date.
  • Contract Extensions: you may not offer your players a multi-year contract extension until they have reached three years of service time in the majors. Violation of this rule will result in a fine and removal of all extension years. (This helps to reduce some below market rate deals that players will sign before they reach their arbitration years. You can determine a players’ service time by opening their player profile in the game and looking at the “Major Service” field in the personal details box on the left of your screen. If it says 3 years, 0 days or something greater than that then your player is eligible to be signed to a multi-year contract extension.)
  • Team or Vesting Options: The dollar value of the team or vesting option year must match the lowest guaranteed year of the contract. Furthermore, a team option must have a buyout of at least 25% of the value of the option year. Failure to follow this rule will result in the option year becoming guaranteed. The commissioner may also opt to fine violators of this rule as well.
  • Contract Bonuses: Contract bonuses are allowed but you must keep them reasonable and realistic (e.g., no bonus for 150 IP pitched by a closer, or 700 at-bats from a hitter, etc).   The easiest way to comply with this rule is to leave what a player asks for in the bonus amounts and don’t increase them.
  • Any contract that does not abide by these rules will be immediately declared void. The player who agrees to the contract will be immediately released to FA and will re-enter the FA Market. Furthermore, if the same team wins two successful bids for the same player with an illegal contract, that owner will be immediately removed from the league and will be replaced.
  • All contracts are subject to reasonable review.
  • Free Agent Compensation After the Draft Begins: If a type A/B free agent is signed after the draft has started the team gaining compensation picks will have those picks added to OOTPOU. If the team who held the pick prior to compensation being awarded has already picked in Rd 1 or Rd 2 then the team acquiring compensation will be awarded the player drafted in the spot where the compensation would have been awarded.  If the sandwich pick round has already passed, the draft utility will be updated to add a pick for the team awarded a sandwich pick as part of their compensation. That team will have to pick from the remaining available talent in draft. Because the game does not notify the commish of compensation awards it is the responsibility of each OTM owner to notify the commish via PM when they receive an in-game compensation email after the draft has started in OOTPOU.  Failure to do so could result in missing your compensation pick and being awarded a scrub when the draft is processed in game.

Team Relocation/Name Changes/Uniforms – Below are the guidelines if you would like to rename your team or move your organization.

  • In order for a move a team to be considered a team must either A) Have a below average market OR B) Have a less than average Fan Loyalty Ratings. (Can be found on the Front Office Screen.)
  • A team must put in a proposal to move a team two years prior to the opening day. For example, if a team wants to move in the year 2013, then the proposal must be made by April of 2011. A team may put in further notice if they wish to help make the down payment of $25,000,000.00 on the new stadium to which they will move in to. The down payment is all a team will be responsible for, as we will say the new city will also help split the bill for a new stadium. At least $15,000,000.00 is due before the team can move into the new stadium. A team may take out a loan with the league for the remaining $10,000,000.00 but has only two years to pay back the loan. So if you move in to your new stadium in 2013, your final $10,000,000.00 is due in full by April of 2015!
  • A team move can only be made within the U.S., Canada or Mexico. The city chosen must be a large city capable of supporting a baseball team. The move must also geographically make sense. If you move your team to a city in which realignment must take place, all of the owners in the divisions that the move would effect would have to vote, and 75% of the vote is needed for the approval of the realignment.
  • If you move a team to a city that will be within 100 miles of another organizations major league team, you need approval from the owner of the other team to complete the move.
  • A team may not change its name more than once every 10 years. Also, each owner is only allowed to change its team name one time. A team must pay $10,000,000.00 to the league to change its team name. You must have the cash available to pay for the fee.
  • An organization may also choose to move/rename one minor league team per off season at a cost of $5,000,000.00. You may not move more then 3 teams in 3 years. Each team may not be moved or renamed more then one time in any 10 year span. You must have the cash available to pay for the fee.
  • A request in change of uniform may be done every five years for a fee of $2,500,000.00! The owner must provide the files used to generate new uniforms in OOTP. You must have the cash available to pay for the fee.

Stadium Enhancements

  • Changes may only be made during the preseason/spring training periods and you must have the cash available to pay for all fees.
  • You may increase the capacity of your stadium, up to a maximum of 60,000 seats. The cost of expansion is $2.5m/1,000 seats plus a $2.5m construction charge. For example, 5,000 extra seats will cost $15m.
  • $250K for each .01 that moves closer to 1.000 (e.g. +0.1 = $2.5 million)
  • $500K for each .01 that moves away from 1.000. (e.g. +0.1 = $5 million)